About Tavern Products, Inc.

   Since 1956, Tavern Cocktail Mixes have brought great taste to America’s cocktails.  As a third generation, veteran/family-owned business, our success depends on our ability to provide superior customer service that equals the level of our high quality cocktail mixes.  We also take great pride in the many phonecalls and emails that we receive every week from our loyal customers. 

   Today, our flagship Tavern Sweet & Sour Mix  — featuring real lemon juice — is used in more than 500 different drink recipes.  Our company, Tavern Products, Inc., which began as a small family business 60 years ago in Los Angeles, continues to provide the mixers of choice for some of America’s top bars, restaurants, retail shops and grocery stores.

   Sixty years later, Tavern is still family-owned and operated, which means we provide the attention to detail and personalized customer service you won’t find with large conglomerates.  Inside each and every bottle of Tavern Cocktail Mix, you’ll discover a world of fresh, exciting flavors created especially to bring out the best in your favorite cocktail.

   If you would like to submit your Tavern story, please click on our GUEST BOOK and tell us about your connection to Tavern Mixes, or send us an email at john.motley@tavernmixes.com and we'll post it for you.  Likewise, if you would like to see new features, please send us your suggestions and we'll do our best to incorporate them into the site.  Please check back for new additions to our site as we are constantly updating it.

America loves Tavern Mixes and we love America!

   Our family has a proud history of military service and we donate a portion of all sales to support wounded servicemembers and the educational endeavors of children of fallen servicemembers. 

   Please visit www.specialops.org for more information on how you can support our wounded and fallen servicemembers.

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