We sincerely appreciate your loyalty to our Tavern Mixes and will do whatever we can to help you find some in a retail store near you, or if not available in your area, we will ship it directly to your home.  

   The easiest way to locate a retail outlet for our products is to call Irene in our Business Office at toll-free 888-634-5346.  She can usually direct you to a retailer near you, but in some cases, we might not know what retailers sell our products in your area because our distributors will not release their customer list to us.

   If we are unable to locate a retailer in your area, or you live outside our distribution area, we offer a special program where you can order a case of product to be shipped directly to your home.  We do this for many of our customers around the country and to make it as cost effective as possible, we sell it to you at a deeply discounted price and only charge exactly what it costs us for shipping via UPS Ground.  The price, depending on your distance from our manufacturing plant in Riverside, California, is usually comparable to what you would pay in a retail store, but you get it delivered to your doorstep.

   Due to logistical limitations within our manufacturing plant, a case of 12 x 1 Liter bottles or a case of 6 x 1.75 Liter bottles are the only quantities that they can ship, as they are not equipped to ship individual bottles.  If this sounds like a viable option for you, please feel free to call Irene toll-free at 888-634-5346 between 8am-8pm EST.

   From our family to yours, thank you for your loyalty to Tavern Cocktail Mixes!


                                                                                                        John & Irene Motley